Max Out Your Allowance? 4 Items You Can Add To Your Recycling List For Extra Cash

14 July 2017
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It can be tough to find ways to earn money when you're a kid, especially when you're not old enough to get a job. If you've maxed out your allowance, and you need access to additional funds, it's time to add recycling to your list of money-making opportunities. You already recycle the aluminum cans? That's a good start, but there are lots of other things you could be recycling too. In fact, you probably have quite a few of them right in your own home, or yard. Here are four items that you should start recycling for extra money.

Tin Cans

If your family uses canned foods, and you've been tossing the empty cans in the trash, stop doing that. Those tin cans can be recycled for cash. That includes canned vegetables, canned soup, and even cans of tuna. Virtually any tin can that food was packaged in can be recycled for cash. All you need to do is rinse the cans to remove the leftover food, and place them in a plastic bag. They'll be ready for recycling when you make your next trip.

Plastic Soap Bottles

If you've got plastic soap bottles in your home, you can stop throwing them away. Those plastic bottles can be recycled too. If you look on the bottom of the bottles, you'll see the recycling label. Remove the pumps – if they have them – and toss those in the trash; the pumps can't be recycled. Rinse the bottles out thoroughly, and place them in a separate recycling container. Any detergent bottle that has a recycling label on the container can be recycled for cash.

Old Car Parts

If someone you know works on cars, you might have access to old car parts, like broken radiators. Those metal car parts can be recycled. In fact, most scrap metal can be recycled. You'll need to have help picking some of the parts up, and you'll need to take care when transporting them to the recycling center, but they're another way of saving up some much-needed cash for yourself.

Lawn Furniture

If your family has old aluminum lawn furniture in the yard, you can take those to the recycling center. You might not realize this, but aluminum recycling isn't limited to beverage cans. Just about anything made out of aluminum can be recycled for cash, including those old window screen frames that might be in your yard.

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