Landscaping In Style: Choosing The Right Rocks For Perfect Look

29 July 2020
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Rock landscaping has always been an environmentally-friendly and attractive way to complete the perfect landscaping job. Especially in regions where water usage must be restricted, rock landscaping offers the option of maintaining an appealing yard while still remaining compliant with local regulations. Rocks also come in a large variety of types, colors and shapes, all conducive to creating a landscape that can be personalized to the very last detail. First-time rock landscapers may at first scoff at exactly how many varieties there are and can be feel intimidated with the sheer number of options. With such a large array of rocks to choose from, finding the perfect look may seem a bit complicated but following a few guidelines will surely make the process much simpler. Identifying the desired theme and feel of the completed landscaping as well as being well researched on the appropriate color scheme will turn this project into an adventure that will be sure to provide an impressive finished product. 

The first thing to consider is what the overall theme will be. Using a few examples such as southwestern and Zen, it is helpful to first research the appropriate color palette for a more cohesive look. Southwestern colors, for example, would be warmer and include rich reds, browns, pinks and corals. Also to be considered is the type of stone to be used. For this particular look, larger boulders and stones would be welcome for an impressive display. Smaller Mexican beach pebbles can complete the landscape while still incorporating the southwestern theme. This look would certainly pay homage to the cragged landscape of the southwest and encourage a sense of adventure. Alternatively, for a Zen theme, appropriate colors would include black, grays and greens. Stones for this display would more suitably be smoother and would work well alongside plants or small water inclusions. River rocks and polished pebbles would be an excellent addition to this landscape to provide a sleek look that encourages a calm atmosphere. 

Though the sheer variety of rocks in landscaping may at first intimidate buyers, it should be noted that as long as a central theme is first imagined, the rocks themselves will easily be found. With endless possibilities and countless looks, the appeal of rock landscaping is hard to deny. Finding a theme, color scheme and overall feel of the desired landscape will inspire those looking to landscape using rocks in a most imaginative and exciting way. 

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