Run An Auto Repair Shop? Why You Need To Use A Waste Oil Collection Service

9 August 2023
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If you own an automotive repair shop, take a look at the way you discard your used oil. If you're not using a waste oil collection service, it's time for a change. Disposing of waste oil by yourself can create a lot of problems for your shop. One of the problems is that you need to find the right drop-off location for your waste oil. Luckily, there's a better way to dispose of your waste oil. You can sign up for a waste oil collection service. If you're not sure you need this service, read the list below. Here are four reasons to use a collection service for your waste oil. 

Be Environmentally Responsible

When you own an automotive repair shop, you need to protect the environment. That includes disposing of old tires in an eco-friendly way. You also need to take the same care when it comes to disposing of waste oil. Improper handling of waste oil can lead to spills and contamination. That's where a waste oil collection service becomes beneficial. When you work with a waste oil collection service, they'll take care of the entire process. That means your waste oil will get disposed of safely.  

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

If you're disposing of waste oil by yourself, it's time to worry about compliance issues. Using the wrong methods to dispose of waste oil from your repair shop can put you at risk of penalties and fines. That's especially true if you don't meet the legal requirements for your region. You can avoid compliance issues by hiring a waste oil collection service. Waste oil collection services keep up-to-date on all regulations and compliance issues. That way, you won't get into legal troubles over your waste oil disposal methods. 

Put Waste Oil Back Into the Cycle

If you want to take your recycling program to the next level, start using a waste oil collection service. When you use a collection service, your waste oil gets put back into production. Waste oil gets recycled into things like biodiesel fuel, lubricants, and asphalt products. That ensures that your waste oil isn't wasted. 

Promote Workplace Safety

When you own a business, you need to ensure workplace safety. That's especially true in an automotive shop. Oil spills can increase the risk of slip and fall accidents. Unfortunately, if you're disposing of your own waste oil, the risk of spills increases. You can promote workplace safety by using a waste oil collection service.

For more information on waste oil collection, contact a professional near you.