Can You Recycle Your Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal?

30 August 2022
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If your company makes products out of aluminum and other non-ferrous metals, you may have some scrap metal left over at the end of the year. If you don't know where to get rid of your scrap metal, you may allow the city dump to take it. Rather than give your scrap metal to the city, recycle it. Learn how you can recycle your non-ferrous metal scraps below.

What's Non-Ferrous Metal? 

Aluminum, bronze, and other non-ferrous metals that don't contain a significant amount, or if any iron, in them. This metal is very popular for its ability to make all types of products, including soda cans and bicycles. Non-ferrous metals also come with corrosion- and rust-resistant features that make them ideal choices over ferrous metals, or metals that contain iron.

Non-ferrous may be difficult for some companies to discard once it becomes scrap. The companies may not know exactly where or who to turn to in order to discard their scrap metal. Although non-ferrous doesn't contain iron, the metal is still valuable in its own right. Non-ferrous scrap metal is versatile enough to turn into a great number of other products, including industrial pipelines, plumbing pipes, and rain gutters.  

You can help turn your old non-ferrous scrap metal into something new by recycling it. 

Who Can Pick Up Your Scrap Metal?

You must do a few things to your scrap metal before you recycle it. First, contact recycling services in your area or online and request a pickup date. You may need to contact several companies before you find a company that recycles non-ferrous metals. After you find a company to recycle your non-ferrous scrap metal, prepare your scrap metal for pickup.

You may or may not need to separate your metal before pickup. You can ask a company if they prefer you to separate your metal or leave it as is. If you choose to separate your scrap metal, try to do so in groups or specific categories. Some companies use different types of metal to make their recycled products.

For example, a company may use non-ferrous electrical wires to make bicycle spokes, or they may use tin cans to make hub caps for car tires. You can always ask a company for ideas on how to separate your non-ferrous scrap metal before your pickup date. 

Read more about non-ferrous scrap metal by contacting a recycling company today.