Two Ways Your Company Can Save on Bin Rental

2 June 2015
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If you are the owner of a business, you understand the importance of keeping trash receptacles on hand.  However, you may find that a good portion of your budget is being used to rent the bins that you need to meet sanitation standards.  Use this information to learn more about how you can rent waste bins without breaking the bank.

Join a Co-op

Joining a cooperative, also known as a co-op, is a great way for you to save on bin rentals.  A co-op consists of a group of businesses that combine their buying power in order to get discounted bin rental services from waste management companies.  The reason that the members of the co-op are able to get more affordable rates is because waste management companies stand to gain greater profits when they work with a group of businesses, rather than a standalone company.

You can find local co-ops in your community by perusing the business boards on your town's official website.  If you don't see any listed there, you may want to develop your own.  

For example, if your business is situated in an area where there are a number of other companies, you can speak with the owners or managers of these companies and create a co-op that has a designated schedule for bin delivery.  This saves the waste management company money because they can deliver and pick up the bins for each of the companies on the same day and won't have to use up excess gas coming out at different times.

Choose the Proper Bins

Another great way for you to save on bin rentals is to make sure that the bins you are using are appropriate for the type of waste that your business disposes of.  This is very key because many bin rental companies charge different prices depending upon the trash receptacle that you use, and you may be paying for a bin that you actually don't need.

This mostly applies to hazardous waste.  You may have initially gone for the top-of-the-line waste bins that are required for companies that dispose of hazardous materials.  However, if you don't use hazardous materials within the scope of your business, there's no reason to spend the additional money for a hazardous waste bin.

The best way to find out if you are using the right bins is to contact your waste management provider and discuss your current plan.  Ask about other options so you can be sure that you're getting the best price for your business needs.

Getting the bins that you need doesn't have to be super expensive.  Start using these tips right away so you can begin to realize the savings. Talk to a bin rental company like Annacis Waste Disposal Corp for more information.