Do You Need Copper Security?

23 January 2018
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Copper has become so valuable -- it isn't exactly rare, but it is in such high demand that the price for copper is usually very, very good -- that copper theft is now reaching epidemic levels. This isn't just a case of someone taking apart your stereo wires; now, power companies, traditional phone services, and even residences are at risk of being cut off, as someone makes off with the copper wiring. If you have been storing copper in order to recycle it for cash and you are concerned that your copper stash may also put your building's wiring at risk, you may need security specifically to protect what you have.

Rising Copper Theft Rate

Copper thieves are getting bolder and bolder, not only scavenging what wire they can from places like abandonded buildings, but also from utility companies. The thefts range from stored spools of wire, which delays construction and repairs, to outright live wire scavenging, which can be fatal, if the crook makes a mistake. Buildings have had copper wiring ripped out, affecting phone and power services. If people know you are storing copper, your place becomes an even bigger target, and you need security in the form of alarm systems and cages to protect what you have.

Do You Budget Based on Stored Recyclables?

It's natural to build up a store of recyclable material, instead of taking small bits to sell. It's also natural to count your recycling income as part of your overall budget. But, if you regularly form your business's budget with copper recycling income as a steady feature, you need to protect the copper and other recyclables that you have. If they're stolen, you aren't going to see that money, and that could harm your budget. Security can protect your assets.

Is Wire Stripping Causing Delays and Increasing Theft Risk?

Insulated copper wire is a very common source of salvaged copper, but that wire usually needs to be stripped, before you can sell it. If that part of the job is what's delaying you from selling a large store of copper, you may want to look for copper wire buyers that purchase insulated wire and will do the wire stripping themselves. Companies may charge you (rather, they'd pay out less) for the service of removing the insulation. But if you just delay and delay stripping the wire instead, you'd end up not getting any money anyway, because you'd never get around to selling the stripped wire.

In all of these cases, spending a little more money up front will increase your chances of saving or getting more money down the road. Protect those stores of copper so that you, and not thieves, are the one to benefit.