What Does Your Plastic Say About You? The Plastics You Buy And The Numbers On The Bottoms

6 May 2019
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Maybe you recycle plastic and maybe you do not. Of course, if you do recycle plastic, how much do you know about types of plastic and the numbers on the bottoms of these items? Sometimes the numbers are on the sides or on the labels, too, but most of the time you will find these little recycling triangles with numbers on the bottoms of plastic items. Better still, are you recycling all plastic items without really looking at what you have? Do you know what that says about you in terms of scrap plastic recycling services? The following will tell you exactly what your plastic recycling habits say about you. 

You Always and Only Recycle Items Labeled 1, 2, or 3

People who always and/or only recycle plastic items with a one, two, or three designation are being really mindful of the processes needed to break down and recycle these simpler plastics. Of course, if they are using plastics with other designations and tossing them in the trash rather than attempting to recycle, that tends to cancel out their efforts somewhat. However, if you are the type of person who is very determined to only buy plastics with these low numbered designations, then you are trying really hard to be more conservative and eco-friendly. Good for you!

You Have Some Plastics with 4 and 5, but You Recycle These Too

If your city encourages all plastic recycling, you may have some plastic containers with a four or five on the bottom. These containers take a few extra steps and a little extra effort to recycle, but they can still be recycled. Regardless of the frequency with which you purchase such plastics, the fact that you are doing everything to recycle all the same says a lot about your continued efforts and dedication to the recycling movement. 

You Have Plastics with 6, 7, or NO Designation at All

Well, um, you cannot really recycle these unless you have a special recycling service pick them up. Most people do not use enough of these plastics to make it worth their while, but if you use such plastics all the time (e.g., packing peanuts, Styrofoam cups, plastic food storage containers, etc.), then you might want to fill a bin and have the service pick them up. These really cannot be recycled with your city recycling and trash pickup because the city is not equipped to separate and recycle these plastics. Without meaning to, you might be saying that you have a laissez-faire attitude about recycling, even though you still want to recycle these plastics.